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Amy Esparza

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My Story

Thank you for stopping by! You've come to the right place if you are a Scentsy addict like me. A little about myself... I was a Scentsy customer until June of 2015. For years I put off joining because I didn't think it was for me, or I'd have no idea how I could run my own business. Well, I was wrong. Sharing Scentsy has allowed me to meet all kinds of great people, life long friends, of course having a fabulous smelling car and home is always a bonus!  Scentsy changed my life in four ways. 1. I get paid for what I already planned on buying. 2. The friends I have made along this journey. 3. The fact I can actually help out our household financially. 4. I can earn yearly incentive trips, to places I'd never thought I could go. I chose Scentsy...what is my why? To offer incredible customer service, make new lifelong friends, and share what I love to use in my own home.  As a Military wife, mom and corporate worker outside of the home. Scentsy is a great way to get everyone together and to stay connected. I don't love it because I share it, I share it because I truly Love it! Who doesn't want to share something they love to use? I tell everyone I can about the stylish warmers and the wide range of fragrances. Scentsy offers something for everyone, including the guys out there! That's right... Believe it or not guys like great fragrances too! I'm sure in no time, you to will say I've #lostmywicks !
Thank you for supporting my small business. It means the world to my family and I!




What's warming in my home